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Northern Ireland legislation

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For tips on researching the law of Northern Ireland, see Heather Semple's article in Legal Information Management: LIM, 2008, 8(4), 283-287


Other tips:

  • Westlaw (subscription required) now has consolidated NI legislation - SIs from 2000 onwards, Acts from 2000 onwards. (be wary that not all NI legislation on Westlaw is updated, check carefully)
  • For Employment-related legislation, try the Labour Relations Agency - original legislation only, not as amended
  • Legislation.gov.uk (formerly OPSI) is good for some NI Legislation - includes Acts of the Northern Ireland Assembly (2000-02 and 2007-11) and Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament (1921-72).
  • Lawtel covers some NI Legislation 
  • The Law Society of Northern Ireland's Library Service http://www.lawsoc-ni.org/ can assist with requests for NI Legislation.
  • Valentine's ALL Law of Northern Ireland is available on subscription in two formats - a CD Rom from the Northern Ireland Law Society updated twice yearly, and a slightly different version as an add-on subscription to LexisLibrary updated bimonthly.


This page requires more information - please add comments below for further suggestions on NI Law.


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