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Statutory instrument procedure

Page history last edited by Anneli Sarkanen 9 years, 7 months ago

Statutory instruments being approved by Parliament can go through two procedures: the affirmative resolution procedure and the negative resolution procedure.


Tips on finding out what procedure the SI comes under:


See further: Parliament Factsheet on Statutory Instruments (pdf)


A note on the annotations to SIs such as L and C:

(C n) in statutory instruments denotes a commencement order e.g. The Coroners and Justice Act 2009 (Commencement No. 6) Order 2011, SI 2011 No 1122 (C. 46)

(L n) in a statutory instrument means those covering fees or procedures in courts e.g. The Family Procedure (Modification of Enactments) Order 2011, SI 2011 No 1045 (L. 8)

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Anneli Sarkanen said

at 8:26 am on May 31, 2012

If you subscribe to PLC, then a recent Ask The Team article also details SI procedure: http://employment.practicallaw.com/5-519-3581

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