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Welsh circulars

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Potential information sources for Welsh Circulars (Welsh Office, National Assembly for Wales, or Welsh Assembly Government) – Information provided by Stephen Gregory - Business and legal librarian at Assembly Government Library & Public Enquiry Service 


Many of the more recent circulars, guidance notes, ministerial letters etc are published on the Welsh Assembly Government's web site www.wales.gov.uk . Welsh speakers may care to access this via www.cymru.gov.uk . If you know an accurate title, a search in the Google powered search box (top right of every screen) may prove useful. Otherwise it is probably useful to browse the site, selecting the appropriate topic area (e.g. in the context of the original enquiry Education and Skills). Some topic area then have links to Publications or Documents - pages which then provide further options for Guidance, Circulars etc, or an admittedly limited search function. (Education and Health are two areas where this works well).


If this proves unhelpful then the Welsh Assembly Government Library and Public Enquiries Team collectively provide a catalogue of all Welsh Assembly Government publications, and those of predecessor departments and merged-in bodies (e.g. ELWA, ACCAC, WDA etc). (Prior to the Government of Wales Act 2006 the National Assembly and Welsh Assembly Government were one unified body and guidance documents published by the Welsh Ministers and policy departments were indicated as being published by the National Assembly for Wales. We also hold some of the former Welsh Office materials too).


The Publications Catalogue can be accessed via http://wales.gov.uk/publications/obtainapublication/ . At present this is a fairly basic search option, but if you find useful document records then this provides an option to request the material via an online request form.  A more sophisticated catalogue will be released shortly, and where available, this will include facilities to directly download electronic documents, including many Welsh circulars and other guidance notes.


If your request is urgent, or you have been unable to find the material that you require via other means, then please contact Stephen Gregory for assistance. Email contact will be preferred - Stephen.Gregory2@wales.gsi.gov.uk


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