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About the Wiki

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The How Do I? wiki is the creation of the PR and Promotions Committee.

It’s a collection of common and unusual research questions, from suggestions of books for Islamic Finance to sources of free cases or Treaty information.


The wiki started off as a place for the PR committee to share information and organise their committee meetings – hence the less than memorable URL of biallpr! It also incorporated the beginnings of the How Do I? part of the wiki, in which the committee saved useful answers posted to the Lis-Law email distribution list. From those humble beginnings, the wiki has developed into a very useful resource and was officially launched at the BIALL Conference 2009.



Navigating the wiki is easy – you can browse for entries via some broad subject headings (legislation, cases, treaties etc), search the wiki, or browse using the A-Z index.


We’ve used the tagging technology the wiki came with to assign tags to each record, and have also assigned entries to a Folder which corresponds with the category it can be found in. The Folders really aid navigation as whichever page you might be on, you can quickly browse to another page also in the same Folder through the “Navigator” on the right hand side.


The wiki can also be searched using the “Search for Pages or Files” box above the “Navigator”.  This lets you search for pages by their title or by the contents of the pages.


The Committee believe the wiki will be a useful tool, particularly for solo librarians who don’t have colleagues to bounce ideas off or new starters to the profession who are just finding their feet… but essentially we hope its useful to all!


The wiki is constantly evolving, with new entries being added all the time – no longer just from Lis-Law. It is not designed to replace the Lis-Law list, by no means, but will be a way of finding those answers posted to Lis-Law with greater ease – and find some other information too!


Access and commenting on the wiki 

The wiki is available for anyone to access and view the pages - no log on details are required.

If you wish to contribute to the wiki through edits and comments on pages, you can request “Writer” access.  Or, if you don't want to make an amendment yourself, you can “Contact the Wiki Owner” to suggest any amendments or additions to the wiki. We welcome any comments about the wiki or suggestions so please do get in touch!


Writer access

As a writer, you will be able to amend content on the wiki, add new pages, and add comments. You will not be able to delete any pages. Once registered for the wiki (your registration details will be different to ones you access the Members-only pages of the BIALL website), you will automatically start receiving emails whenever content is edited on the wiki. This can generate a lot of emails when the Committee are working on the wiki, so we recommend turning these off. Instructions of how to do this are in the usermanual.




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