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Competition litigation - current awareness sources

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Competition litigation sources for current awareness are as follows: 


Subscription services

  • PLC Competition - http://competition.practicallaw.com (daily, weekly or monthly alerts)
  • Global Competition Review - http://www.globalcompetitionreview.com/  You can sign up for alerts at http://www.globalcompetitionreview.com/briefing but need a subscription to read full content 
  • Bloomberg - http://www.bloomberg.com/news/europe/ (although a subscription service, there is free news available)

  • MLex: http://www.mlex.com (email based service)
    Comments from a MLex subscriber :- 
    Select practice/industry areas (from a list which includes competition), to receive emails in real time on all news/updates relating to that industry/practice area. This will include cases but is much broader in coverage. For cases, a real plus point is that judgments are often available via MLex first, even if the copy itself is not in English. The MLex database provides a full archive so is a useful research tool.

    MLex is good for case alerts - it reports on cases at the end of each day, compared to PLC Competition EU which reports on a case the next day. Mlex is expensive but it does get a lot of other news that the rival sources don't get. Mlex is also good for analysis - they have case files so you can just type in a cartel case name or subject and there is a 'bundle' of documents relating that case - EC statements and press releases, news reports etc. (It is very highly thought of by lawyers and seems to be a key alerting service for competition law). 


Free RSS feeds/ alerts


Journal articles 

You may also wish to read the article by Daniel Harrison and Lisa Bunker in Legal Information Management, 2011, 11(2), 133-137 on research and resources for competition lawyers, which lists some current awareness sources. 

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