Database of court filings

Whilst there is no strict equivalent to the US PACER system in England & Wales courts, there are options to obtain court filings and further case information:


E-Filing (CE-File)

EFiling is being used across the following courts: Business and Property Courts (London Rolls Building since April 2017, B&PC's nationwide since April 2019), Queen's Bench Division (London RCJ, mandatory from 1 July 2019, except Admin). Senior Courts Costs Office: mandatory from Jan 2020.  E-filing is due to be implemented in Admin Court and Court of Appeal and QB district registries in 2020 (as well as a number of other courts/tribunals, including EAT, Upper Tribunal Tax and Chancery, Central London County Court - High Court lists only). It is not known if eFiling will be implemented in the Supreme Court.


Lawtel Pending Actions

Lawtel has a service in the 'Cases' section called 'Pending Actions' where you can search for claims issued in the High Court since January 2010. Information is added after Acknowledgement of Service has been filed. Can only obtain claim form and particulars - not all filings - but it will mean you get the action number. Does not cover Admin court.


Court of Appeal tracker

This service won't give you filings - Court of Appeal is not due to move to e-Filing (above) until 2020. But you can see the status of the appeal.


Third party services

CRO Info and GlobalX both offer a court docket search on PAYG or subscription basis.


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