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Employment Tribunal cases

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Employment Tribunal judgments are rarely made freely available to the public (unlike the higher courts and EAT which are mostly on the BAILII website or http://www.employmentappeals.gov.uk/public/search.aspx).


Below are a few sources you can try to locate a judgment from the ET:


**NEW** As of February 2017 recent Employment Tribunal judgments can be accessed via GOV.UK at https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions.  

However, although the page includes a search facility which suggests published decisions from some years back may be available, at present the site only appears to facilitate access to decisions from the last year.  The search facility suggests this may be expanded.


Tribunals Service (England & Wales)

*Recommended: official source of obtaining ET judgments for England and Wales.


Judgment Register
Triton House
St Andrew's Street (N)
Bury St Edmunds
IP33 1TR

(note this is a new address, as of 27 March 2015 - they are no longer on Southgate Street)

New number: 01284 762171 (fax 01264 347 890)

Open 9am to 5pm [phone lines close at 5 on the dot!]



To obtain judgments: Judgments are £10 each, with each additional one requested in same order being £5. Send order and cheque made payable to HMCTS to address above. There is no charge if there have been no written reasons given in the judgment.

Information to include: case number (desirable, not essential); parties; tribunal office where case was heard (desirable, not essential); your fax no; your telephone number. Faxed copies are available but these are only sent out once payment received. Copies of judgments are free if you are advisers to the one of the parties.


A note on older judgments (updated Sept 2014 & registry confirmed this is still the case, June 2015): Bury St Edmunds no longer holds cases from before 6 years ago and they are currently unavailable. There were discussions as to where the archive of pre-2008 ET cases would go - the University of Derby and National Archives were considered - but so far unconfirmed/undecided. Awaiting decision about where archive to be held; until decision made, archives unavailable.


Tribunals Service (Scotland)

For Scotland - contact the Employment Tribunal office where the case was heard (Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh or Glasgow)

See announcement link above for the online ET judgments



Northern Ireland Tribunal Service

Recommended source for tribunal judgments from Northern Ireland: https://employmenttribunalsni.co.uk/OITFET_IWS/DecisionSearch.aspx 


Other sources of ET judgments:

  • Equal Opportunities Review (EOR): journal (online and hardcopy) by Rubenstein Publishing provides summaries of many ET cases (relating to equal opportunities only) and many times full judgments are available. Subscription service. ** EOR suspended publication for financial reasons in January 2017. See M Rubenstein tweet 19/01/2017**
  • Equality Law Reports: law report series by Rubenstein Publishing which specifically covers key ET decisions in the UK, providing links to the ET judgment. Subscription service. 
  • IDS Employment Law Brief: Journal, in hardcopy and online via Westlaw. Has some transcripts but mostly EAT and mostly summaries of ET cases. Subscription required.
  • Westlaw (subscription required): IDS have put their archive of ET cases on Westlaw under their Cases tab 
  • Judiciary: judgments of cases of wide public interest are published on the Judiciary website and these occasionally include ET judgments.
  • PLC: Paid subscription service. Provides full transcripts of some cases.
  • TLT E-Source: Free source of judgments from TLT Solicitors Employment & Regulatory Group. Registration required.
  • xpertHR: a subscription database aimed at HR professionals. ET judgments can sometimes be found on here. Your HR dept may have a subscription. 


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The e-mail address for the Employment Tribunal above has misplaced it's e and it's y - it should be buryet@ but also the domain name has changed and is now @hmcts.gsi.gov.uk There is a whole list of specific employment tribual contacts available here http://www.justice.gov.uk/global/contacts/hmcts/tribunals/employment.htm

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