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Hong Kong cases

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Hong Kong Electronic Cases (HKEC)

HKEC can be found on Westlaw Hong Kong. The HKEC number is assigned to the unreported HK cases in Westlaw. The text of the judgment on Westlaw does not differ from the original transcript which you may retrieve from the Hong Kong Judiciary website.


Hong Kong cases

Access via Hong Kong Judiciary website by either of the two links below. Some will mention if they have been reported in the Hong Kong Law Reports (HKLR) (but some don't, even if they have):

Main Home page for cases: http://legalref.judiciary.gov.hk/lrs/common/ju/judgment.jsp

Advanced search: http://legalref.judiciary.gov.hk/lrs/common/search/search_result.jsp?stem=1&txtselectopt=1&selDatabase=JU&isadvsearch=1


You can also try HKLII for Hong Kong cases. 


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