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TV programmes - obtaining

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If you need to get hold of BBC footage for use in legal proceedings you should contact:


For broadcast footage:

Lorraine Mckenzie Williams (who is a legal assistant within the BBC litigation team)

Room 2250

White City

201 Wood Lane


W12 7TS

Tel: 020 8008 1890


For rushes (i.e. unbroadcast footage):

Head of Litigation

Room 2251

White City

201 Wood Lane


W12 7TS

Tel: 020 8008 2206


If the footage is not for use in legal proceedings then contact BBC Motion Gallery: http://www.gettyimages.co.uk/footage/bbcmotiongallery


(Information originally supplied by Lorraine McKenzie Williams 25 May 2012)


If looking for transcripts of TV programmes, the source on Nexis called TVEyes covers this, including some radio programmes. Search for BBC under Sources. You may also want to try Simply Scripts.com.




For ITV programmes, try ITN Source. If it is for legal proceedings, call them to obtain details of the legal team.



Transcripts from broadcasts outside of the UK

If looking for transcripts of items broadcast on radio or television stations outside of the UK try also the "BBC Monitoring: International Reports" source on Nexis



For recordings of court proceedings from TV  

in the Court of Appeal, see: Court Broadcasts


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