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in house counsel

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Sources to locate in house counsel of companies: 

  • Legal 500 In House Lawyers - list of in house lawyers for a number of UK firms. 
  • Law Society Directory of Solicitors - whilst it won't always say who the head of legal is, you will at least be able to check the names (search by Organisation) against other directory entries to see if correct. 
  • Practical Law UK GC100 and Investor Group - has names and job titles for 15 key members of this group. Not a long list but a place to try in case someone's name is there. Note that Which Lawyer? which contained useful in-house lawyer information has been discontinued.
  • The Lawyer (free) and Legal Week (subscription) - search for articles which mention the company - sometimes articles about the general counsel/head of legal are included or articles which discuss them moving jobs.
  • Legal Business - this journal profiles one General Counsel every issue. You need a subscription but the articles are indexed on Westlaw.
  • In House Lawyer (online) - interviews in house counsel  
  • Occasional adhoc surveys - for example, the Deloitte General Counsel Survey 



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