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Scottish cases

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Current Law Reports Series 

  • Session Cases 
    Session Cases is the most authoritive series of Scots law reports; these are published in several series
    • First series, 16 volumes, 1821-1838, called Shaw and cited as S
    • Second series, 24 volumes, 1838-1862, called Dunlop and cited as D
    • Third series, 11 volumes, 1862-1873, called MacPherson and cited as M
    • Fourth series, 25 Volumes, 1873-1898, called Rettie and cited as R
    • Fifth series, 8 volumes, 1898-1907, called Fraser and cited as F
    • From 1907 to date simply called Session Cases and split into the following parts:
      • S.C.(P.C.) for Judicial Committee of the Privy Council
      • S.C.(H.L.) for House of Lords (superseded by UK Supreme Court)
      • S.C.(U.K.S.C.) for the UK Supreme Court)
      • J.C. for the High Court of Justiciary
      • S.C. for the Court of Session
      • S.C. (S.A.C.) for the Sheriff Appeal Court 

Session Cases are available on Westlaw and Justis 

  • Scots Law Times
    from 1893 to date, cited as S.L.T.
    S.L.T. (Notes) for note reported Sheriff Court Cases
    S.L.T. (Sh. Ct.) for Sheriff Court Reports
    S.L.T. (Land Ct) for Land Court Reports
    S.L.T. (Lands Tr) for Lands Tribunal of Scotland Reports
    S.L.T. (Lyon Ct) for Lyon Court Reports
    Scots Law Times is available on Westlaw 
  • Scottish Civil Law Reports
    From 1981 to date and cited as S.C.L.R.
    Available on LexisLibrary
  • Scottish Criminal Case Reports
    From 1981 to date and cited as S.C.C.R.
    Available on LexisLibrary
  • Greens Weekly Digest
    From 1996 to date and cited as G.W.D.


Unreported Cases 

  • Scottish Court Service - contains High Court judgments, Court of Session judgments, Sheriff Court judgments. Not all decisions are published (Only where there is a significant point of law or particular public interest will the details be published), and the earliest such case is September 1998.
  • BAILII - BAILII has selected Court of Session decisions back to 1028 (see note on older law reports below), selected High Court decisions back to 1914, selected Sheriff Court decisions back to 1998, Scottish Information Commissioner Decisions back to 2005 and Sheriff Appeals Courts opinions.
  • Scottish Land Court -  the recent decisions page goes back to 2007
  • Scottish employment tribunal decisions - see Employment Tribunal cases 


Older Series of Law Reports 

  • Morison's Dictionary (together with Brown's Supplement) plus Hailes and Elchies law reports now loaded onto BAILII (1540-1808). More information from the SLLG Blog (August 2015), these are also available on Westlaw.
  • A number of Decisions of the House of Lords (Scotland) from the 1700s and 1800s (Robertson's Reports, Paton's Scotch Appeals, Dow's, Bligh's and others) have also been loaded to BAILII - see ScottishLegal news (Jan 2016), some of these are also available on Westlaw.
  • The Scottish Law Reporter - 1865-1924, cited as S.L.R. or Sc.L.R. 
  • The Sheriff Court Reports - 1885-1963, cited as S.L.R. or Sc.L.R. or S.L.Rev. (often bound with the Scottish Law Reporter)
  • Faculty Collection and Faculty Decisions - 1752-1825, cited as FC


Many Scottish law libraries hold these older series  of law reports, it can also be fruitful to check Google Books.

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