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County Court

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Information below on the availability of county court decisions, based on information supplied to Lis-Law in March 2014. This page requires further information so anyone who has gone through the process of County Court decisions, please comment below.


County Court decisions are rarely found on the major online databases. It is more than likely you will have to contact the court directly and request the tapes to have them transcribed yourself.

You may require permission from the judge to have the tapes released.

Only last 6 years are retained.


Additional information as of October 2016: 

If searching for whether a company or a person has a County Court Judgment against it (CCJ) then you can use services like Trust Online http://trustonline.org.uk/ where you can buy a search on a PAYG basis. The information returned will be basic, if there is a judgment it will say 1) what court  2) case number 3) date 4) amount 5) status e.g. unsatisfied or satisfied. Other subscription databases like OneSource/Avention (or BvD Mint) may include CCJs for the UK companies in their databases but there may be a delay (comparisons of some with recent positive CCJs showed this to be approximately one week) compared to Trust Online. 


BAILII: has a miscellaneous case section on their website, which appears to have a number of County Court decisions listed on it. A source to check!

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